List of 50 books for the upcoming year

List of 50 books for the upcoming year

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Book list - The Great 50


I am trying to get through these books in the upcoming year. It was intended to be one book per week but I consider that impossible, regarding the books I chose to read. So I lowered the goal by 2 books and I am going to include some shorter books as well. I am updating this list constantly and maybe I am going to change some books during the process as well. I hope I can read all of these and be satisfied with my the time I am going to spend on them.

The list

  1. TypeScript docs

  2. Deep Learning Course - MIT

    • started
  3. Markus Zusak - The Book Thief

  4. Khaled Hosseini - The Kite Runner

  5. C. S. Lewis - Mere Christianity

  6. Neil Gaiman - Norse mythology

  7. Robert C. Martin - Clean Code

    • started, finally need to dig deep in the second and third part of it
  8. Soren Kierkegaard - Practice in Christianity

  9. Kathryn Stockett - The Help

  10. William Paul Young - The Shack

    • already read, the task is to reread
  11. Ulrich Boser - Learn Better

  12. Quaran

  13. Spring Boot Manual

  14. Gradle - Building JAVA Applications

  15. Joshua Bloch - Effective Java 3rd edition

  16. Timothy Keller - A tékozló Isten

  17. F.B.Hole - Zsidókhoz írt levél, Jakab levele, Péter első levele, Péter második levele magyarázata

    • Jakab levele elkezdve
  18. Czeslaw Milosz - Milyen is lesz a Mennyben

    • poems, started
  19. Schaffer Erzsébet - Pókfonálon

    • read only one short story so far
  20. John Lennox - Did science buried God?

    • already started but it is a bit boring :(
  21. Gary Chapman - Az öt szeretetnyelv

Alex Olar

Alex Olar

Christian, foodie, physicist, tech enthusiast

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